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Fighting the green...! ;) 

45 deviants said Sick and tired of the deviant green :puke: or totally in love with it? :love: Please share your opinion in the comments on this poll: :eager:

Devious Comments

I agree with Pierre (Une-Vache) :D
We could switch it out every so often...
justanothersomeone Jan 8, 2013  Student Photographer
The green is a shame
seems like the green is winning :shrug:
DasGhul Jan 8, 2013   General Artist
I like green. :(
höhö hab eh schon meine meinung abgegeben^^
mag das grün gar nicht :sick:

ich bin für hellgrauer hintergrund, mit dunklegrauen und weißen elementen, plus hellgrüne (gelbgrüne) highlights, boxen usw.
modern, frisch und schön :iconheartgreenplz:
As said on the other poll Hey, already gave my opinion on that. dA should allow to choose between some basic colours at least for deviations pages and/or deviation presentation area. For the rest, hard to tell as it is a good way to identify this site... ;)
das grün ist nicht schlecht weil's ein ziemlich neutraler ton ist, nicht von den inhalten ablenkt und die augen nicht unnötigt reizt. neutrales grau würde wahrscheinlich genau so gut funktionieren und mir persönlich besser gefallen.
I would like it to be white with the shades of grey.
arctoa Jan 8, 2013  Student Photographer
I understand the choice of a grey-green; it's neutral to an extent and it's also instantly familiar as deviantART. However, it does ruin the aesthetics of some images so I do think that users should get the option to choose a different colour scheme to view the site in; rather like offers either a red or black theme to their pages for their members. White, mid-grey, black, and the original green should do the trick!

Of course, it'll never happen.

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